Daniel Friesen

(Dantman, Nadir Seen Fire)

Programmer, Web Developer, Animanga Fan

Contact me

If you need to contact me you can do so by email at daniel@nadir-seen-fire.com. Though anything sent to the @danielfriesen.name or @nadir-seen-fire.com email domains will reach me. If you are making an email related to Redwerks please send it to daniel@redwerks.org.

If you're trying to contact me about a wiki you can also use my talkpage on a relevant wiki:

You can also use my talkpage on a Wikia wiki if the topic is relevant to that wiki. But please note that Wikia's notification system is broken for me. If you don't also send an email to me it may be quite awhile till I find a message you leave on a Wikia talkpage.