Daniel Friesen

(Dantman, Nadir Seen Fire)

Programmer, Web Developer, Animanga Fan


I've grown up with a strong interest in Animanga, Wiki communities, and of course programming which I do both as a hobby and a job.

At one point I tied them all together by administering a series of wiki communities about various anime series, while at the same time contributing to the development of the wiki software (MediaWiki) that ran them.


Back when I was focused around wikis I founded a large number of animanga wikis.

I founded the Animepedia, the popular Narutopedia, and Soul Eater wikis on Wikia. As well as the Animanga Wiki which later replaced the Animepedia. I've also helped various Wikia communities such as the Yu-Gi-Oh! Wiki.

Outside of Wikia I founded the Future Diary Wiki and Squid Girl Wiki. I also host the CommonJS Wiki (as well as their website), and help out with the Dragon Ball Encyclopedia's hosting after having helped the original Dragon Ball Wiki community they forked from.

On-and-off I do MediaWiki Development. I've contributed code both to MediaWiki's core and various extensions. My old nadir-point and wiki-tools setups are offline for now so most of my early stuff are not accessible. But some of the more useful extensions I developed have been moved to MediaWiki.org. They are all grouped into a category you can look through.

Gunpla, Gundam Models

It was more of a side interest but at one point I took to building Gundam Models. I primarily stuck with models of Gundams I'm familiar with (mostly Gundam Wing, and one or two Gundams from 00). It took a moderate amount of time to do, didn't require the use of my brain but occupied my hands. So it was a nice way to spend time when I couldn't think of anything else to do. I never had a painting set, nor a place to do that, nor much drive for it so what I've put together has been left unpainted (though Gundam Models still look quite good without paint).