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Meta posts about my website.

Recently I re-looked over licenses and license related posts for a project at work. And after reading an old blog post on being sure to pick any license I thought about my blog posts. I've included code snippets in them sometimes for others to use and never declared any permissions for them.

Now the copyright of these simple functional snippets is relatively debatable and any license at all (even the tiny MIT license) is really too much for snippets. Frankly requiring attribution for any of them is relatively unwarranted.

So I've decided to go back and tag most of the code snippets on my blog releasing them as CC-0. You're free to use those snippets in any code you want and you don't even have to include attribution for them. ((;) Though if you feel like including a code comment next to your use of them pointing back to where you found them I'd be flattered.))

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I've completely rewritten the back and front ends of my website.

My old website theme was based off of one of the first desktop themes that I used. I didn't have any other idea to base a website design for myself off of. And there is no way I'd ever use a stock website template. Unfortunately since it was based off a desktop theme it wasn't the best design for people to read posts from. Even after I dropped the 'wine' color scheme from the blog people still had trouble.

When I wrote the old website I also tried to keep programming and personal stuff separate in an attempt to separate a personal website from a portfolio for work. Unfortunately I never added much content and this lead to a confusing mess of multiple domains, broken analytics, and the inability to use my homepage as an authorship page.

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I've made some some small updates to my site, namely I updated the personal and portfolio icons and added a link to my new Flickr account into the personal section of my website.

The new personal icon is the same Umbrellow sprite featured in the personal area of my site.

The new portfolio icon is a drawing of a lizard at a computer. The computer part of course makes perfect sense, but why a lizard? That comes from how I "envy lizards and their heat lamps" when I'm in the office at work. The office isn't exactly ever warm, and I almost feel like a warm-cold-blooded creature, I don't like the cold, and I enjoy bathing in the heat.

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Here it is... As I mentioned before (ok, none of you read that post before I wrote this one because that was a local post and I hadn't published the new site yet) I've been working on revamping my entire website, and I've dropped the old blog system and went completely static-html compiled with a JavaScript script on the server.

For starters, I'll make note of the features of the blog. Since you're looking at this right now it probably looks as if you're reading this out of a blog engine... After all, a recent posts list on the homepage, separate fancy url blog post pages, summaries, tag pages and a flexible sidebar, archives, rss and atom feeds, and there are even dynamic comments...

Nope, this blog is 100% static .html files no server-side language in sight (Ok, to be fair I do plan to create a single .php file to let me talk to the disqis api to have js display # comments links).

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